We got Blocked on Pinterest .. Yet Again ????

This is really unfortunate but we got blocked on pinterest, this means any pinner who finds pin from this site nice and wants to visit this site content from pinterest will not be allowed to do so, our account was also suspended. Sounds bad !

The same issue happened more than 1 months ago but thanks to the huge help of the community, Pinterest realized that they made an error and promised me that it won’t happen again. They actually told me to contact them if it happens again.

Well, guess what – it happened again! I’ve already contacted Pinterest but unfortunately all I get is a generic reply saying that they blocked my website because several users reported content from this site as spammy.

Some people were unhappy cause they saw a lot of our pictures at Pinterest, they reported our site, and Pinterest removed us from the platform. We never published, and we will never publish spam content or content that could go against the policy of Pinterest which are the same policy that we follow at WoodArchivist. We think that we are the victim of the Pinterest Mafia or Lazy scammers as explained in this article from Hibusiness: Website Marked As SPAM on Pinterest? The Mafia Is Doing It

That is why, we are seeking for help from you, our community and all our friends to get back on Pinterest! If you have a Pinterest account and have two minutes of your time, we would be very grateful for your help. Please follow the steps below by sending an email to Pinterest, and ask them to remove woodarchivist.com from their blacklist, to return all our pins back so that we can share our content which is also YOUR content with our community on Pinterest again.

Here is How To Contact Pinterest (And Help Us):

Click on this URL: https://help.pinterest.com/en/contact

Select the following options (also shown in the image below):

Pick a topic..  select Reporting Something

Tell us more.. select Appeal a policy violation information

Click the red button below: I still need help

We got Blocked on Pinterest .. Yet Again ????

On the right you will be able to ask Pinterest to unblock woodarchivist.com, so all of us will be able to share pins again. Give title “genuine website got blocked” or something like it and give description and fill other fields.

After all, click the red button Submit…

We got Blocked on Pinterest .. Yet Again ????

We strongly believe that by joining forces we can get back on Pinterest and share great content again.

Thank you for your help!

We will keep sharing good stuff

WoodArchivist team